What I’d Say at the Voter ID Hearing Tonight

I am not attending the public hearing on Voter ID tonight because of other obligations, but I do have something to say about it. If I were speaking tonight, this is what I would say on the matter.

Voting in NC - Photo by Brentin Mock.
Voting in NC – Photo by Brentin Mock.

Studies show that as many as 11 percent of United States citizens—mostly older, low-income, and minority citizens & including veterans who risked their lives for our freedoms—do not have government-issued photo IDs.  Furthermore, there are many requirements the state must meet to allow voters without photo IDs to obtain them. Continue reading

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The Art of Undivided Attention

Tina Fey's Amex print ad
Working momma Tina Fey’s Amex print ad

I work a lot. I mean a lot. I forced myself to take the day off for my birthday, and even then I still probably put in 2 hours. I work on weekends. This “vacation day” thing for a consultant/freelancer is usually nothing more than an interesting idea.

But then my son will interrupt me, and it will bring me back down to Earth. He is my reminder of why I’m busting my ass to begin with. Private school tuition to make the most of his amazing brain and thousands of dollars in medical bills out of pocket. I want him to have everything, and yet, giving him everything is part of the reason I don’t have time to spend with him. Irony? Continue reading

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Jumping on the Lemon Water Bandwagon

Warm Lemon Water
Image from http://www.mindbodygreen.com

I have been reading everywhere – and often – about how happy people are that they’ve started each day drinking warm water with lemon. It’s supposed to be good for digestion, alertness, preventing illness, great skin, and even losing weight. Because I am super lazy, I decided that doing this every day – with the goal of having the lemon water twice a day – I would need to plan ahead and have a workable strategy. So far, this is working. Continue reading

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Maybe My Scale is Broken

Week 4 of my new regimen, and things aren’t going well. Here’s the breakdown:

Pre-diet (just quitting the wine and evening snacking): 7 pounds lost.

  • Week 1: 2 pounds lost.
  • Week 2: 2 pounds lost.
  • Week 3: No pounds lost.
  • Week 4: 1 pound gained.
  • Diet total: 3 pounds.
  • Scheduled target: 8 pounds.
  • Total suckitude: 5 pounds behind schedule.

Clearly, I need to either get a new scale or get more exercise. Diet alone isn’t going to get me there. The good news is that I am down 10 pounds total and actually fit into my running shorts now.

The bad news is that I didn’t go running after I tried them on.

It is a new day and a new chance to do something right.

Be the girl you were too lazy to be yesterday



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Breaking Bad Breakdown: Dead Freight


Dead Freight begins with a classic kind of Breaking Bad teaser: one that doesn’t make much sense at all until the end. But even as you see the boy riding through the desert on his dirt bike and eagerly handling a tarantula he places in a jar he has at the ready, you get the sense that this innocence and curiosity aren’t going to end well for him.

Walt visits Hank’s office, which can’t really be a social call. In one of the interesting turns of his character, we find that Walt is such a good actor that he can actually pretend to cry and does so to get Hank out of his own office. While such good acting from an ordinary person might bother viewers, I do think it is fitting for him. Walt is thrilled to pull one over on people, and it’s the chance to lord some control over Hank that could bring out that performance in him. Besides, he has spent the past year refining his acting skills that are so necessary when leading a double (sometimes triple) life. Continue reading

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Breaking Bad Breakdown: Fifty-One


“Fifty-One” is a packed episode about time. In it, Walt recounts his year, Skyler tries to buy some time, and we end with yet another tick tock. We are made very aware of this time bomb that Mike alludes to in “Madrigal.”

In the teaser, Walt is picking up his apparently-not-totaled Aztek from the body shop. As the mechanic details what was repaired, and what wasn’t (the windshield), it is like hearing a laundry list of Walt’s crimes ticked off. We are reminded again that his vehicle is the weapon in a homicide (“Half Measures”), and when Walt finds his Heisenberg hat inside, something clicks for him. He doesn’t want that car. That car belonged to a different man. Now, he’s Heisenberg, and by wearing the hat, his previous “disguise” in the light of day and in front of his son, he’s showing that he has decided to embrace this alter ego as the ego he was always meant to be.

Something about Walt’s transformation isn’t about his becoming someone else. It has always seemed to me that he is becoming exactly who he wants to be. He is embracing his inner Tyler Durden. A year earlier, he was a man doing what he was supposed to do, having spent a half century coloring in the lines. When faced with his mortality, he finds himself with less than he ever wanted and wonders what the hell it was all for. He sees what he has been denied in his life and decides that he can embrace those darker instincts now. He’s free to stop thinking about consequences. And once he has tasted the darker side of life, he immediately sees rewards. The stacks of cash are just what he feels he was entitled to all along. Continue reading

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Breaking Bad: Hazard Pay


Of course, you can’t be a meth cook without cooking some meth, so this episode gets around to what the next plans are for the Breaking Bad baldies. This episode also covers how Walt still needs to literally pay his dues. And he doesn’t like it one bit.

Breaking Bad's Walter and Mike
From AMC’s website. Pretty much sums up the episode.

In this episode, we learn that everyone associated with the operation has had their hazard pay confiscated, and Mike wants to provide them what they were promised. This isn’t just for keeping them all quiet, I think. Mike has loyalty to the people he put in harm’s way, and he doesn’t take that lightly. I think another bonus for him is that he gets to screw over Walt by taking a cut of his profits to set things right. Because of the nature of Gus’s assassination, it is ultimately Walt’s fault that the money was discovered, and his blame is evident in that exchange near the end of the episode where Mike systematically takes stack after stack away, ripping open a wound for Walt with all the subtlety of rib spreaders.

Continue reading

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Holy Crap! My Skin!

I have been focusing on my diet and easing myself back into exercise again. My muscles ache after what I used to consider a non-workout, but I’m trying to not be too hard on myself about that. When I began training for my half marathon a few years ago, I couldn’t run more than a minute at a time. Conditioning is a process.

Martini, anyone?
Mmmm. Mar-ti-ni!

As for my diet, I have been focusing on a plant-based diet. I have not had any cheese, dairy, or meat for 10 days. I have had A LOT of avocados and romaine lettuce – both purchased in super bulk at Costco. Yesterday, I had my first weekly weigh in. I was prepped for it. I have a set of martini glasses in the kitchen. One is labeled, “Pounds to lose,” while the other is labeled, “Pounds lost.” I have loaded up the former with a specific number of glass marbles. I was excited about getting to move some over after looking at that empty Pounds Lost glass all week.  When the Pounds To Lose one is empty, I have promised myself I get to fill it back up with a martini (probably Skinny Girl brand so I don’t completely sabotage myself). Continue reading

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Breaking Bad: Madrigal

A week is so long when you’re waiting for something exciting. The thing about waiting for Breaking Bad is that you aren’t disappointed when it finally arrives.


The teaser portion of the show brings us to Germany at the headquarters of the company that is the episode’s namesake, Madrigal. An older man identified as Mr. Schuler in a suit is dipping tots into various experimental condiments that a scientist armed with a lab coat and clipboard narrates, the most notable among them being the “Franch” flavor. Schuler makes no comments. We see the Dos Pollos Hermanos sign being taken down and see the extent of the operation with other signs next to it. We see 3 police officers in his office, examining the picture of him with Gus golfing. What comes next is part of what makes Breaking Bad the best show on television. Something that lies on the line between unbelievable and believable happens. Add another dose of humor with the scene punctuated by the automatic flushing of the toilet, and you have another memorable scene by the show’s gifted writers. Continue reading

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