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6 Ways to Get Customers Talking

There are times when guesswork is good, I suppose. As a general rule, I tend to favor the facts. I like data. Hunger for it. I like to observe shoppers in a store and see how they interact with the product. I like to listen in as people respond to a brand online. It’s normally much more insightful than my imagination. There are things that we think we know that are pretty spot on, but you’d be surprised what you can learn if you open up the lines of communications to your customers and potential customers.

To get started, here are some ideas about how to get more customer feedback. In exchange, you’ll gain more insights, get more ideas, and help your business (or your client’s business) thrive.

Comment cards. This may seem old school, but people do fill these out. If you have a physical location, you can set these out where someone can find them easily. Make them easy to fill out and easy to drop off.
Enhance comment cards with QR codes. If someone can scan your QR code, fill out the information from a smart phone and have a fun interaction while helping you out, all the better. This format isn’t great for lengthy responses, so let them check boxes and offer up some short comment if they choose. Continue reading

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Don’t Screw with Christmas

There are times when you know you’re not going to be able to do everything you need to do. And then you have to prioritize. Pick your battles, if you will. When it comes to e-commerce, your priorities are:

1. Generate sales.
2. Delight those customers.
3. Convert those to repeat business.
4. Convert them to brand evangelists.

But I am seeing some businesses missing out on the first item on that list. Continue reading

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4 Questions to Ask Before Saving Your Project

It pains me to see good companies making bad decisions, and yet it happens. All the time. In writing classes in college, my professor would say, “Kill your darlings.” This horrified me, but I paid attention and did what he said. And my writing was all the better for it. The thinking is simple enough: if you love an idea too much, you’re blind to its faults.

Perhaps you’re resistant to the idea that you should kill off your darling project. Ask yourself 4 questions (for starters) about it and see if you can justify keeping your ax clean. 3XAP8KRMD4U2 Continue reading

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