Running: Going the Distance

I have been repeating in my head over and over that in order to become a stronger runner I need to add distance. Running every day won’t really matter if it’s a short run. I need to push myself. Today, I decided 4 miles would be enough to push myself and short enough that I wouldn’t risk more injury to my heel.

I bought KT Tape yesterday taped my ankle. It may have been the placebo effect, but my ankle felt better right away. Running on it was a slightly different story. Good thing distance runs can be as slow as you need them to be. Side note: I need to turn off the pacing information on these runs. It is dispiriting to hear how slow I’m going.

But it’s not about pace today. It took me a while to find a stride that worked for me. I did recall that during my half marathon training, it was the 2 mile mark that I found my rhythm and really started to enjoy the run. But, OH, those first 2 miles were agony today.

Then, just as I had found my rhythm and my feet and legs kind of took over without my having to think about it and my breathing felt right, I encountered 3 traffic lights on my path and had to contend with stopping and starting. Then to find my rhythm again. It didn’t quite work except for one thing. My music.

On the last mile and a half, my music shuffle landed on a song that seemed to be urging me on. “Keep it up! / I know you can!” Who knew my power song would be from Florence & the Machine.

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