Giving Laziness the Boot

So, I have this great app on my phone. I love it. It’s Nike Training Club (NTC), and it features dozens of workouts (designed for women). Timed. With voice guidance that doesn’t sound like you’re trainer is a robot. It even has those encouraging bits thrown in. “Almost there.” “Finish strong.” You can use their music or pick an album or playlist on your device (This Modest Mouse album works great for me). I love using it, and it does offer a really good workout.

It also provides you with a summary so you can see how often you use it and what workouts you’ve been doing. Therein lies the problem with me. I used it once in February. Upon seeing that, I knew I had to do something to jumpstart my commitment to getting exercise, so I sighed up for a boot camp.

Boot camp
Boot camp involves a lot of push-ups.

When the boot camp starts by telling you the best places to throw up, you know you’re in for an experience. I will say this about it, though: I was not expecting it to be that tough for me. It has many of the same exercises I do with the NTC app, but for some reason it wears me out faster. When I workout with the app, I don’t wear shoes, but I do with boot camp, and so far, I have attributed some of the difference to that. More weight on my foot… Footfalls are a bit different…

It is still week one, and I am hurting a bit. Everyone in my class experienced a pretty debilitating ache in our calves. Tonight is intensive cardio, and it is worrying me for one specific reason (other than that I am totally and completely out of shape and know it is going to kick my ass): I have a cold. With congestion. And a cough.

I almost resigned from class before the first one to sign up for next month’s instead because of this cold. You’re supposed to rest, right? But I didn’t want to be 28 days behind. There’s no taking it easy with boot camp. No excuses. I don’t want to have excuses either.

I will admit that my cold seems worse today after my workout yesterday. I’m hoping that Friday through Sunday off will be enough to kick this thing. Wish me luck because I don’t want to quit. And I don’t want to be sick. Cursed choices!

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